First – and foremost I'd like to thank you. Yup! You my visitor!You all have made this a fun ride and experience – and made it worth my while – because your interest and comments are inspiring and truly that what is making this Blog work. Nuff said on that – though there's not much to say about me either. Born in Germany, living in the States in my 10th year and having found a new home  (and paradise) in Florida. Especially what wildlife is concerned. I'm a Graphic – and Web Designer, ever since Al Gore invented it. :mrgreen: And I am having fun with that – but my real calling is Photography – something that I have been doing since the 70's. (come thinking of it – I'm an old hack as well, sternly targeting half a century!). While I had time outs in taking photos, it never left me and my occupation kept me working with images a lot. Incidentally my Photoshop skillz profit from that quit a bit. So – now I'm out and about whenever I can. Barely scratching the surface of what Florida has to offer. That's about it I guess. The rest is in the site – What you see is what you get!!
So – leaving it at that!Thank you again and for stopping by! Cheers!

A word on Comments, Links, Link requests and such: I have a policy of not allowing any kind of promotion on my site. And I will censor, delete or ban if necessary. After all – it's my blog and I reserve the right to display, what I want to have display. I will not tolerate derogatory remarks, racism, extremism, product or service peddling or any kind of promotional attempts. I will delete comments of the cut & paste kind, that appear identically on other sites in numbers. Though I allow links, they better be a) in good taste and b) related to the overall topic of this site – which is Photography and nature. Any comment with more than one link will automatically be put in moderation and in all likelihood deleted. Please don't ask for being put on my blogroll. I try to visit each site, whose owner visits and comments and if I like what I see – chances are your site will appear in my blogroll. But overall I try to reduce the amount of links I offer and if your site does no longer appear in my blogroll, then most likely because the site isn't regularly maintained or deviates too much from my general interest – no offense meant by it. I don't ask for reciprocity, though I appreciate you linking to my site. And finally – if you like to have an image of mine for non-commercial purpose – to post it on your site – please ask. Do not just copy and use it. I do not take image theft lightly and have used all legal means in the past to remove unauthorized display of my intellectual property and will continue to do so.
Thank you!


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