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MyWorld never seized to amaze and surprise me. So again last weekend while we were out watching and
photographing Burrowing Owls. The following event wouldn’t have been surprising, if it were not for the location.

A wide open plane, not what you expect in Florida, looking more like Wisconsin…
All over sudden one of the guys said: "Hey  – there’s a gator walking right towards me!" Since we’re known to mock each
other all the time – the reaction was the usual: "Yeah right – and I just saw a Polar Bear!"
Imagine our surprise, when it turned out to be true! 
There he was! About 2years old, 2 feet (40 cm) long coming straight towards Scott.

Scott picked him up….

We then decided to "re-locate" the little guy – since he was absolutely a target in the wide open field, which is
frequented by all sorts of Bird of Prey. We drove about 1.5 miles (3km) to a pond in a marsh, where he could find
water, food and most importantly – cover.

And there he was – fitting right in and seemingly happy to be in the water.

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