While there are a lot of Reviews on the Nikon D300 – many of them are simply useless to make an educated
decision. If you are shelling out $1,800 – you sure want more than some nice pics and the repetition of the
manufacturers specs.

Nikon D300

Thom Hogan however did his homework. He put the D300 through the motions and he did look closely. And
his conclusion is as inevitable as it is surprising. Inevitable – because that’s what progress means. Eventually
a lower priced product will have equal or better quality as an older Top Model. Surprising because it’s quite
drastic. If you’re in the market now – a D300 purchase makes more sense than buying the 3 times more
expensive D2x. But what’s the real cracker is that his conclusion is not really based on the huge price advantage,
but on the 1:1 comparison of the gear itself.

There simply isn’t a winner between the two. And that’s good for both Models. For current and feature D300
owners it means that their camera of choice really is a good deal – and for those owning a D2x – or planning
to purchase a used one – they know it is still on par.

I’m not re-hashing the article detail – just pointing you to it. So go and read!

Check the original article!

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